4 Finger Claw + Gyro Guide/Tutorial + Chinese Pro Players Drills (Close Range) Reflexes + Fast Moments…
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https://www.mediafire.com/view/hd1kyy51hbjgy9h/Screenshot_20190919-213137.png/file (Oxzile)

IGN – ZendexYouTube
ID – 5671247021
device – iphone 11 (ex poco)

editing software used – adobe after effects, adobe premiere pro
thumbnail software – adobe after effects, adobe photoshop
cc 2020 all
encoding software adobe media encoder
pc specs i3 4th gen with 8gb (extra) ordinary ram

Social media
Instagram – Zendex69
Facebook – Zendex Sings (same profile pic as youtube)

check out my handcam video (5 Finger Claw) – https://youtu.be/cpsACqWZk0Y

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Check out my 5 finger claw guide tutorial – https://youtu.be/_tGysJ-dWQs

4 Finger Claw Handcam – https://youtu.be/RFAlFFpn98Y
Another one – https://youtu.be/ppJIQZeFyG4

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