Navey’s baby puffs are maybe MAGIC?!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today is gonna be such a fun day!! Me and Dad are going to play all day! But first we need to eat some breakfast, dad was making me cereal but he accidentally gave me Navey’s baby puffs instead of real cereal!! When i took a bite i turned into a BABY!! Dad spent the whole morning trying to turn me back into a big kid! Being a baby for the morning was actually fun! i got to crawl around and play with new toys, but i was making a bit of a mess! Dad went to wake up Niko for some help but Niko ended up eating a baby puff too! Now me and Niko were BOTH babies!! Then Mom woke up and helped Dad turn us back into big kids by giving us a BIG kiss on the cheek!

my last video: FAiRY DAY CARE!! Hatching Baby Fairies with the family in our backyard! and new Trampoline Tricks!

my dad’s last video: BACK to SCHOOL HAiRCUT!! and Family Cartoon!! shopping with Adley & Niko then Pizza at pirate island

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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