Hii this is my current fanpage theme! I hope you like it lolll

if you do end up using this theme give me credits on tik tok
: @..softiecharss

How to get the pretty you font:

If you still can find it then here’s a link: https://www.tiktok.com/@..softiecharss

How to download fonts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qu-xKVl9KIY

Please give me credits if you use any of my themes or colorings ❤️❤️If any part of the video was glitched or you could understand what I was saying here is all of the steps and fonts:

Coloring credits : @beautyysunkinn (on tiktok)

Sun kissed

Haze: 10
Glow: 15
Blur: 50
Dust: 25%
Stockholm: 10%

Bimbo, size: 40
Another Monday , size: 75
Pretty you , size: 105
Cutewritten , size: 35
Garlic salt (9) , size: 100
Cutewritten (options) , size: 30
Cheeky rabbit, size: 25

Iris blur into
Sharpen: 50

FAMILY FRIENDLY CONTENT! I’m pretty sure most of the people who watch my videos are over 13 anyways but if you are lying about your age 🤔 it is completely fine to watch this with anyone!

I post mondays, Friday’s and sometimes on Weekends and Wednesday’s if I feel like it. I post at 6:00 pm est (sorry for late posts lol)

Bye and enjoy “ I will make a name for y’all soon I promise lol”

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