👉Bad ombre challenge, Several of us Youtubers got together to have FUN with this challenge, So much laughter with this video, This is not an actual tutorial, just clean fun!!! PLEASE note: I was NOT blindfolded while applying the epoxy nor the decal LOL…
Don’t be afraid to try something random, if it fails try again! Please ask any questions that you have. I respond to each and every question.
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👉Kelsey Scruggs Boutique – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX5sLnU8zhUZPm046BWkOiQ

Supplies Used
AB Designs Tumblers
AB Designs Glitter
Quick Set Epoxy

Shop anything over $100 Free Shipping.
AB Designs has a local store located at:
12533 Ulmerton Rd.
Largo, Fl

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Shop Glitters Pirate Holographic – ​https://abdesignsco.com/products/pirate-holographic?_pos=1&_sid=636b3e8b3&_ss=r

Shop Epoxy Glitter Craze Quick Set – https://glittercraze.com/

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