This video is the ultimate Fortnite fps, ping & input lag/delay optimization 2021 guide and will improve your Fortnite gameplay experience.

Right now it would improve your gameplay in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 by increasing the FPS you get, reducing the Ping, and reducing input delay / reducing lag… as that’s the current season which is currently going on, this guide will help you in the all upcoming seasons too.

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There’s no need to watch all those Fortnite FPS boost, reduce input lag in Fortnite, reduce ping in fortnite, reduce lag in fortnite, fortnite reduce input delay videos in Windows 7/8/8.1/10. As this guide will cover all of the topics, that includes:
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0:00 – Why you should watch this Fortnite Optimization Guide – Introduction
0:23 – Basic Stuff / Prerequisites you have to do before getting started
0:54 – GPU Settings for Nvidia and AMD graphics cards
1:20 – FPS, Ping & Input Delay Optimizations in Windows
8:14 – Fortnite In-game settings and optimizations
9:53 – Steps you must follow after finishing all the steps

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I didn’t make/get all the files by myself, so here’s what I got from whom:

Adamx – (Some Network/Ping Registry Files)
Panjno – (Some FPS Fix/Boost Registry Files

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If you’re searching for fusedgt fps boost then thank you, but otherwise if you’re searching adamx / adamx fps boost, adam x fps drops, adamz fortnite fps, adam x fps boost, jerian / jerian fps boost, itsjerian / itsjerian fps, itsjerian fps boost, itsjerian ping, panjno / panjno fortnite then it would be great if you gave my video a try as I’ve tried my best to cover all the possible methods to increase & boost your fps, reduce the ping and also reduce the input delay/input lag in Fortnite.

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