In this video, we’re making a budget friendly homemade pizza. There’s substitution options if you don’t have certain items at home, like, yeast!

I’m still getting used to talking to an audience so you’ll hear me interchangeably switch from “we” and “I’m” lol.

Ya’ll gone have to bare with me because I don’t measure my food, I eyeball everything lol. The most important factor is, DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! You do NOT have to use what I use.

The ingredients are simple:
Dough – Flour / Water / Corn Starch
Rising Agent – Corn Starch

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This is for entertainment and lightweight educational purposes. The resources provided are meant only for tools, not to be taken verbatim. In other words – do what works for YOU!

ALSO! We do not own right to the music playing in the background.

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