An easy Step-by-step guide on how to make the Don’t Rush Challenge video.
Full details on how to add music, edit and make the video. Enjoy

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Zoomerang Stickers Challenge Tutorial: Full details on how I made and edited the Video + Tips:

HOW I SPENT MY BIRTHDAY IN QUARANTINE VLOG | My Quarantine Birthday April 24th 2020 | Tovia Ogun

BEST: Don’t Rush Challenge Ft. 🇳🇬x🇬🇭x🇮🇹x🇬🇧:

The Famous Cake with 1 Egg:

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You might noticed a difference between the song playing on the video and the song I have used was written DON’T RUSH CHALLENGE, yes it is actually the don’t rush challenge song but it was muted because I wanted to monetize the video but note the steps are all still the same and it doesn’t change anything. Thanks for understanding ❤️
I have no right to the above music
SONG: Don’t Rush by Young T and Bugsey

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