The next farm on the list is a simple gold farm. This tutorial will guide you through how to build a gold farm that is easy to make step-by-step. As well as the gold farm itself we also look at where to build it and how to get onto the nether ceiling in survival without taking any damage. This easy to build farm is perfect for a single player world or for players that don’t have a lot of time to play. We talk about mob spawning and how to get the most zombified piglins to spawn in your farm to increase the rates.

Materials for this simple gold farm 5 layers:

★ Magma Blocks: 3,000 (600 per layer)
★ Glass: 196
★ Ladder: 128
★ Blocks: 128
★ Trap Doors: 116
★ Chest: 60
★ Hopper: 50
★ Turtle Egg: 5

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