Track: Ecnadance 9 (Tutorial’s Over) | 튜토끝
Album: Ajoohcmoohc (Let’s Dance) | 춤추자
Artist: Just Nochang | 그냥 노창

* Life’s a battle, dipshit (인실좆 / 인생은 실전이야 좆만아) – This is a popular saying on the internet that means life is rough, reality is harsh, etc.

* R-tard sir, please learn / are you an actor (배우세요) – The phrase “please learn” (배우세요) also sounds like “are you an actor?”

* You’d only think to place your spoon at the table (숟가락만 얹을 생각) – This is a Korean saying that describes a person who expects to receive or benefit from someone else’s hard work without doing any of the work themselves. (i.e you as a kid when your mom/whoever worked hard to cook you a meal, and all you did was show up at the table with your spoon, ready to eat.)

* Holding the fuck out with the stopwatch you broke – Two things: 1. “Holding the fuck out” (존버 / 존나게 버티다) is slang that arose from the meme world of bitcoin. It describes someone who desperately holds onto their crashing bitcoin stock in the futile hope that it will one day rise. It means to endure or hold out to the bitter end. 2. “The stopwatch you broke” This is a League of Legends reference. (See the following note below)

* That’s the irony of Zhonya / That’s Zhonya’s Paradox – (I don’t know enough about LoL to even be explaining this, but here we go) Zhonya is a LoL character with the ability to stop time. “Zhonya’s Paradox” is the item that grants this ability. I think Nochang is pointing out that the true paradox/irony of this situation is that time does not stop.

* Frog in front of a well (우물 앞의 개구리) – The Korean proverb Nochang is referencing is “Frog *IN* a well.” (I believe a similar proverb also exists in China and Japan) The story goes that a frog who has lived his whole life inside of a well will believe that his small, dark well is the best place on earth. Never having ventured outside, he remains ignorant to the existence of a wider world. This proverb describes the folly and of sheltering yourself from new experiences, people, places, etc.
My interpretation of Nochang’s “Frog *in front of* a well”: Nochang describes a frog that has made it out of its well. However, its vision is completely obscured by gray (presumably from the smoke of the cigarette it is smoking), and despite having access to the wider world, it still fails to see beyond its own nose. (Nostrils? Maybe frogs don’t have noses.) I also have a sneaking suspicion that Nochang is referencing the meme of Pepe the frog smoking bc this entire song is littered with meme references, but I can’t be sure.

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