The Mandalorian is the first outfit unlocked in the Chapter 2 Season 5 Battlepass. His Beskar armor pieces are a bit harder to unlock, requiring you to reach tier 100 in the battle pass and also to complete a handful of missions.

Pieces of Armor and how to get:
1st, Level 1, Visit the Razor Crest Ship
2nd, Level 15, Earn Specialist Medals
3rd, Level 29, Collect 500 Bars
4th, Level 41, Located in the Vault of the Shark
5th, Level 60, Defeat Ruckus Boss at Hydro 16
6th, Level 73, On the peak of the mountain next to Catty Corner
7th, Level 83, Complete a Legendary Mission/Quest (Group weekly challenge)
8th, Level 100, Complete a bounty mission
Final Piece (Clothing), Collect all other 8 pieces of Beskar Steel Armor.

Also there is baby Yoda/ the child gameplay in this video so that is cool!

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