New Fortnite Creative Hub Super Bowl LV from creator Team BeyondCreative @BeyondFN Tutorial Walkthrough Solution Tips How to Complete Secrets Random Quests Missions Milestones Challenges All Secret Locations Stadium Scramble Map Scavenger Hunt Search. Speed711 demo How to to win NFL Crossover Football Stadium Map 2021 Thanks for views! Just got monetized with 4000 watch time hours. YouTube glitch bugs don’t count all hours. Glad to get this done! Thx
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Super Bowl 55 Team Beyond created a Tampa Bay Verizon 5g Stadium where the National Football League NFL American Football Conference AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs defending Super Bowl 54 LIV champions get beat by the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The hub has many random quests so quests will vary on each attempt. Get ready for the super bowl by completing these activities below
πŸ”‘ Quests:
Note: Bug where keys & tickets did not spawn & the quest board is empty. Restart
Where to Find the Hidden Secret Llama in the Cave
How to Visit the Trophy Room & Find the Ring lost super bowl ring
Turn on the Speaker by the Llama
Find the Lost Car Keys in the Street
Reveal the Message on the sign by the ticket booth? Let’s Go!
Visit the upstairs bar and grab a soda
Take a picture in front of the stadium
Find some food for your tailgate on a bench Find the meal
Dance by a Football Statue Dance by the Super Bowl Statue
Find a lost Super Bowl Ticket by the Fountain where are the tickets
Visit the Merch Shop and find the Red Jersey
Find the rusty can in the grass and play cornhole corn hole.
Open the Llamas for Tailgate Party Supplies. Equips Gem Blue Crystal Llama Back Bling! Wish it was perm πŸ˜…
Super Bowl Stadium Scramble Creative Map Code: 592686507282
Find the 10 Coins for 5G Booster Turbo Boost
Find Get Collect Where are the 3 Pyramids Jump
Find the cannon where is the cannon to launch get up to the Ship Verizon 5G Air Ship
Do the 5G Photo Op & post to Twitter
I posted to Twitter with PSY Gangnam Style Emote with Galaxia Galxycorgi09 on my first run. This one recorded with Midas Check my twitter πŸ˜ƒ
Made it to the #5GBuiltRight Airship from new Fortnite Creative Verizon Super Bowl hub by Team @BeyondFN @FNCreate @FortniteGame 5G Built Right
And as I always mention, the creative hub xp afk trick so make sure to get your 6300 xp every 15 minutes 5 times for a total of 31,500 xp from creative every day to help level up
Creative Hub AFK XP still working 6300 XP every 15 minutes so 31,500 XP Free every day by staying in the creative hub for an hour
Tricks Tips Suggestion How to level up fast Tutorial See my video about Free Daily XP in the Creative Hub AFK repeatable legit method to help level up fast not a bug exploit or glitch. Get extra 30,000+ Exp. 6300 XP every 15 minutes five times per creative match. After around 1 hour 15 minutes it max out at 31500 xp Leave game and start again. Watch the timer countdown clock to know how much time you spent
Steps for Creative AFK XP
Go to Creative
Choose Create Launch sit in the hub
Every 15 minutes you’ll get 6300 xp
If you have supercharged xp even more until you’re not supercharged anymore.
This works for an hour and 15 minutes.
Leave & repeat. Repeat did not work for me but good 1x per day help level up
See the XP grants at 3:39:53, 3:24:53, 3:09:53, 2:54:53, and 2:39:53
The timer will be at 2:39:53 when you should leave.
Total 31,500 experience points each & takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes.
It can bug when the storm comes in early but doesn’t stop the xp. Sometimes it may bug and not give the xp. Leave creative and try again. I tried going into one of my creative maps to practice & it did not work so when you start stay in the Hub & do not move much.
Other tips:
Creative afk xp grinding: AFK in creative every 15 min get 6k xp
Team rumble XP: Search Open chests, Catch Fish, Open ammo boxes, harvest fruit.
Drop Land at good loot location Steamy Craggy Holly Slurpy Coral Weather Station Cod, Crumpet. Suggest Don’t play the game to end. You get xp faster if you leave game & repeat.
New FF #FrenchFry Five Nights at Freddy’s Fazbear #FNAF Fallguys Collab?
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