Hey my name is Jason AKA Peezs,

In this video, I guided and gave tips on how to triple edit faster, efficiently and consistently. I divided the video into 3 skill groups and gave suggestions to all 3 skill levels. I mentioned about crosshair placement, click timing and edit motion.

If you liked the video, like it! If not, dislike it and comment on what I should improve on next!
0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Triple Edit Skill Groups
0:54 – Beginner (Selecting Optimal Tiles, Click Timing, Double Edits, Blueprint)
2:43 – Amateur (Crosshair Placement)
3:46 – Pro (Edit Motion, Blueprint with Weaponry)


➤ Msi Leopard 8RD

➤ 15.6″ 1920x1080p 120 Hz display

➤ Intel Core i7 8750H

➤ GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB Vram

➤ Memory: 16 GB RAM

➤ In-game resolution: 1920 x 1080p



➤ Mouse: Glorious Model O

➤ Keyboard: Ducky One 2 Mini (Cherry MX Blue)

➤ Headset: HyperX RevolverS (Usually use speakers)

➤ Microphone: Samson SAC01UPRO



-Outro Song:

-The Process:

-Blue Boi:


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