It’s been a week since my last video and I never suspected to have gotten 600 extra subs since then, lol. Thank you all for the huge boost and getting me channel to what it is now.

So this video is just a simple tutorial on Cliffjumper, which he wasn’t one of the characters a lot of you are asking a tutorial for, but I do have many others planned. I have made up my mind and I do plan on making tutorials on Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime’s Trailer, and Menasor. Which it might take some time, but they will be made sometime soon. Hopefully.

Also a sneak peak at my next creation. I hosted a poll on Insta to receive that I should make a titan class figure in scale within the characters I already made. Could it be Skorponok? Omega Supreme?

Music Used:
Niwel – Little Things

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