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If this Garageband Tutorial is too fast for you then check out this slower tutorial for the SUPER beginner ➡️ https://youtu.be/RpOfou3K-L8

However, in this quick GarageBand tutorial I will cover all the high level fundamentals you will need to know to get started with making your own music. Whether that’s making beats as a producer, playing guitar, or writing songs from scratch, you’ll need to know these GarageBand fundamentals. I’m a singer songwriter, guitar player, and piano player. I use GarageBand and Logic Pro X to record my own demos so I’m laying out everything I know in this GarageBand tutorial for you. Do you use GarageBand? Let us know your tips in a comment. 🎵

Follow along to the same session file I’m using in this tutorial:

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🎥 GarageBand Tutorial Video Sections 🎥

00:56 – Section 1 – Getting Started
2:07 – Section 2 – Recording Midi
2:18 – Adding software instruments
3:01 – Quantizing Midi
4:12 – Section 3 – Recording Audio
5:08 – Section 4 – Building a song arrangement
6:35 – Automation
6:54 – Section 5 – Mix and Effects
8:10 – Plugins
8:57 Section 5 – Shortcuts
9:59 – Exporting our song

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