Hey description buddy

I’m gonna be completely honest here

Sorry if it’s bad quality according to KineMaster this is FHD.
KineMaster was also real laggy when I was editing and I had a bunch of technical difficulties.
If you couldn’t tell the video was pretty laggy as well 😬😔
If you don’t understand anything again I’m sorry but just comment what you don’t understand and I’ll answer.
I’ll probably do another editing tutorial but instead I’ll do it one by one, as in one video I’ll do it about eyes then the next hair, idk
(probably better if that’s how I did it lol)

I also used music THATS on Kinemaster so I just looped that 😬

Anyways besides from that I hope you atleast learnt something ;-;

Aight Thas all

Baiiii losaaa

Stay weird

Love chu 🥺❤️

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