In this video today we’re gonna be going over how to play like a sweat on console Fortnite. I know that’s a bit of an odd video title but here’s what I mean by that. The term sweat in Fortnite is typically used as an insult towards players that are really good at the game, and players who try really hard to get a lot of kills and wins. So even though it’s meant to be an insult, in a way it’s actually kind of a compliment. You’re never really gonna call a terrible player that you easily kill a sweat, you’re gonna save that term for players who either kill you or at the very least give you a very difficult fight. I see comments on my videos all the time that say things like “Oh look at this dude trying so hard in public matches, you’re such a sweat.” And yeah sure that is true, but playing that way is how I have the most fun, so I don’t see anything wrong with being a sweat, and if anything I’ll take it as a compliment. So the purpose of this video is to teach you guys the specific traits and playstyle characteristics that most quote-unquote “sweaty players” share, and if you follow the instructions you yourself can become a sweat if that’s what you desire. So I hope you guys enjoy this video!

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