Iron farms in Minecraft 1.16 – The Nether Update (Java Edition) have changed. In this tutorial I show you 3 different iron farm designs, each with their own pros and cons. We also walk through all the details of how iron farms work so you can create your very own design. One of these iron farms could be the most efficient iron farm possible in 1.16. If you want a simple design that’s good enough for most players or would like to push the boundaries, I have the information and designs for you. Why not try to design your own iron farm and be as inventive as you can?

🚨 1.16.2 Update: 🚨

Iron Farm Update in 1.16.2: The designs shown in the tutorial still work fine in 1.16.2 but you may find that when the villagers wake up they just stand on their beds rather than going back to the normal block they all stand on. I’ve just tested it and it seems the easiest fix is to add a glass block above the pillow end of each bed leaving an air block between the bed and the glass. That makes that spot invalid for villagers when they wake up. The method I used was to block the line of sight of the mob that is scaring the villagers so they can sleep at night time. When they are all in their beds, add the blocks and when they wake up they all go to the normal spot. I’m also seeing reports of golems not going through the portals in 1.16.2. It seems there were some changes to portals and how they link in this version. I need to do some testing to see what the best fix for this is. Hope that helps. There are various bug reports about portal linking in 1.16.2 and so for now I’d advise not making the portal based farm.

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β˜… Bedrock edition iron farms by @silentwisperer:

Introduction: 0:00
Designs overview: 0:23
Golem spawning explanation: 2:10
Mobs that scare villagers: 4:12
Golems spawn range: 5:40
Blocks golems can spawn on: 8:21
Limit of spawning golems: 9:50
How to kill golems: 11:53
Iron farm efficiency calculations: 14:16
First design in detail: 15:49
Second design in detail: 20:55
Best design in detail: 26:28
Killing mechanism and chunk loading: 33:08

Thank you to @AgustΓ­n for the timestamps

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