Heyjo welcome guys, in this quick video I’m going to show you, how you can complete the “Fishstick’s Date” questline in Fortnite Battle Royale.
That is one of the epic weekly challenges of week 11 in chapter 2 season 5.
This time, there are actually three of them.
In this video, I will only show you the one which has three steps.
It starts with Fishstick who wants us to find a date for him.
To do so, you have to catch three different kinds of fish.
In the second step, you have to serve him and his date a meal at a restaurant. You can choose one of four restaurants, they are all shown in the video. To complete it, you have to find a table with a fish in a glass on it.
In the third and final step, Fishstick wants us to find roses at the Orchchard or at the Steel Farm.
The exact location of the roses at both places is shown in the video.

0:00 Step 1: Catch 3 different kinds of fish
0:40 Step 2: Serve a dinner at a restaurant
1:07 Step 3: Find roses at the Orchard or the Steel Farm

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