In this video today we’re gonna be going over how to do 90s like a pro on controller or console Fortnite. Anyone who says that being able to do fast and effective 90s in Fortnite isn’t important is just flat out wrong. There are multiple times in pretty much every single Fortnite game you play where you’re being pressured by an opponent, and you need to go straight up as fast as possible while also being protected while doing so. If you’ve ever watched a really good player play zone wars, realistic 1v1s, or even just normal 1v1s, odds are they’re gonna start almost every single round by cranking 4-5 90s in a row. If they do it faster than their opponent they get high ground which is obviously really advantageous in that situation. The interesting thing about 90s is that other than high ground re-takes, there’s no type of building technique in all of Fortnite with more variations. But, much like the advanced high ground re-takes a lot of advanced 90s are more about looking cool than actually being practical and effective. Because of that one of the purposes of this video is to share the variations that I think are the most important to know, and also give some tips along the way regarding how to do better and faster 90s in general if you play on controller. So, I hope you guys enjoy this video!

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