Easy to follow tutorial on enabling two-factor authentication for your Fortnite (Epic Games) account. Learn how to secure your Fortnite profile by enabling 2FA now!

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– Open up a web browser and go to EpicGames.com

– Sign into your epic games account note that your epic games and Fortnite info are the same thing.

– When you are logged in, tap on your profile name at the top right of the screen and then select ‘account’.

– From the account page, select ‘password and security’ from the left sidebar.

– Scroll to the bottom and you’ll get to the 2FA settings.

– You can choose between using the google authenticator app or using an email. Ill use an email address for this tutorial.

– To confirm enabling 2FA, you’ll need to confirm the security code that was sent to your email.

– Open your email, find the code and enter it to continue.

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