How To Get Shadow Or Ghost Skye – Complete 18 Skye Challenges fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2
and final shadow mission or ghost final mission
are : Find SHADOW Ollie in Weeping Woods
Find GHOST Ollie at Frenzy Farm

In this video I have shown you guys how to complete the Week 7 and Week 7 Skye’s Adventure challenges in Fortnite

How to Get Shadow or Ghost SKYE! Complete 18 Skye Challenges, Find Shadow Ollie in Weeping Woods & Find Ghost Ollie at Frenzy Farm

Find SHADOW Ollie in Weeping Woods – How to unlock SHADOW Skye – Fortnite (Skyes Adventure Final Challenge)

This video will show you how to unlock SHADOW Skye in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Step 1: Reach Battle Pass Tier 80
Step 2: Complete 18/20 Skyes Adventure Challenges
Step 3: Accept & complete the final mission (Find SHADOW Ollie in Weeping Woods)

FIND SHADOW OLLIE IN WEEPING WOODS Location is Fortnite Season 2 WEEK 8 Challenge and I show you how to find the location of SHADOW OLLIE!

Video Title: How to Get SHADOW or GHOST Skye in Fortnite Battle Royale! (Find Shadow Ollie)

Video uploaded & owned by ItsRyan.

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