Learn how to make a Piggy Game in Roblox with this tutorial. You’ll learn how to make a Roblox game like Piggy or Granny with working doors, Piggy avatar skin, crouching, working keys and tools such as a hammer and bat.

Piggy Kit Model Link (Please Like and Favourite the model so others can find it): https://www.roblox.com/library/4933968585/Piggy-Kit-Watch-AlvinBloxs-YT-Video-in-Desc

(Piggy Kit is not finished project, you need to watch along to learn how to use and script it!)

NEXT PART: https://youtu.be/2tcHtnGAnB4

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ToMS function: https://pastebin.com/Bq7GXcz8

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Piggy Tutorial Sub-Videos (How to create the Kit)
– Coming soon, please check back in the future!

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Recently, the game ‘Piggy’ has been taking the Roblox world by storm. After launching itself onto the front page, the game, developed by MiniToon, has already achieved 1 billion visits, becoming the fastest Roblox game to do so.

The game is simple. Players are spawned into a map where they are locked inside – an escape room. Not only do you have to try and escape in under 10 minutes, but you’re also being hunted down by a monster wielding a baseball bat who wants to kill you – the Piggy.

Although a Piggy is usually not thought to be evil and sinister, in this game the Piggy is the enemy. Do not get caught by the Piggy at any cost, because as soon as you’re killed, you’re out of the round.

The players who are trying to escape have to work together as a team to find keys that unlock other doors containing other useful items to help aid your escape. Only one tool or key can be equipped at once though – so you need to communicate with the others in the game to know who has what items.

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