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In today’s video I show how you can completely make your own Professional-Looking Fortnite Montage! I go over what software to use for making clips to use, how to edit with some advanced effects in Davinci Resolve 16, and lastly how to make your own insane highlights/montage thumbnail. As always, if you enjoy these types of videos or they help you out in any way, be sure to drop a like, and sub with notifications turned on so you don’t miss out on a new video!





CharlieFN Edit Pack:

Kazmo’s Preset Pack:

Colour Correction Preset:

Fortnite Render Pack:

Fortnite GFX Pack (Backgrounds, Etc.):

Photoshop Free Tutorial:

DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational purposes only and is not intended for anything otherwise.

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0:00 – Intro
1:40 – Clipping Software
6:23 – How to Download a Song
7:15 – How to Edit the Montage (Davinci Resolve 16)
25:20 – Thumbnail Tutorial
34:06 – Outro

Setup Links:
Old Mouse:
Monitor (Main):
Mousepad (Similar):
Main Gaming PC Specs Link:
Streaming PC Specs Link:
Elgato HD 60S:
Microphone (Studio):
Microphone (USB):
Mouse Bungee:

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