Hope y’all enjoy this fortnite tutorial!
My Socials:
Twitter – https://twitter.com/ManekSZN
Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/manekwyd
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/manekfortnite

My Fortnite Settings:
Resolution: 1600×900(Native)
DPI: 800
In-game sens: .8 (X & Y sens)
ADS Sens: 1.000 (Targeting Sensitivity)
Scoped Sens: 1.000 (Sniper Sensitivity)
All Low Settings + Protanope 10 (100% Brightness)

My Peripherals:
Mouse: Razer Viper mini
Mousepad: TheMousePadCompany Outcast Region Anime Mousepad Purple/White
Keyboard: GK61 (Optical Red Switches)
Headset: Razer Kraken X
Monitor: ViewSonic 120Hz
Bungee: Razer Mouse Bungee V2
Mic: Blue Snowball (white)

My Computer (PC) Specs:
CPU: Intel Core i5 9400F @ 2.90GHz
GPU: GeForce GTX 1060
RAM: 16.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1197MHz
Motherboard: ASRock B360M IB-R1
931GB Western Digital WDC WDS100T2G0A-00JH30 (SATA (SSD))

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