Check out how we dyed and styled the wig for KDA Seraphine! This video was sponsored by Riot Games #ad #sponsored

If you guys make anything using this, please post it to the hashtag #KDAMore so everyone can see your work! ๐Ÿ™‚

This kind of pulled up wig is an intermediate wig styling technique. For beginner wig styling and a simplified version of this ponytail tutorial w/o the pulled up section check out our other ponytail tutorial here!

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-Base wig – Viktor in pure white from Arda wigs
-Ponytail – Delilah in pure white from Arda wigs
-Rit synthetic Dye – Kentucky Sky and Royal Purple
-Worbla thermoplastic
-8 gauge aluminum wire
-25mm PVC pipe
-Insulation foam board – 1 inch thick
-got2B hairspray
-hot glue
-Createx airbrush paint
-2mm EVA foam
-Yaya Han oil slick fabric ( hairband )


– The Viktor wig can be substituted with a Jeanie wig instead. The Jeanie is a ponytail wig with no lace front.

– You can use any wig to make a pulled back ponytail, but you will need to alter the wig and sew in additional wefts around the edges to get the wig to go upwards and hide the mesh

– You can also use Ponytail clips or a bag of wefts instead of cutting up a wig for the ponytail. Whatever suits your needs!

– If you don’t want to use thermoplastic for the frame you can also make it from wire or any other rigid material that will keep its shape.

– If you are dying a wig make sure that you check if it is heat resistant first and what temperature it is rated for. Lower quality wigs may not be able to withstand being boiled.

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