Check out our Kennen Wild Rift Guide: The Hottest Baron Laner Right Now where you will learn everything a beginner needs to know about Lulu (Combo, Skill, Items, Skins) so you will be better in your next game using this popular champion.

Kenne is a mage champion and plays the Baron Lane in League of Legends Wild Rift and if those are the roles that you want to play, this champion is definitely for you.

Wild Rift Kennen time stamps
0:44 – Kennen Role
01:14 – Kennen Skills
02:24 – Kennen Item build
03:05 – Kennen Runes
03:26 – Kennen Summoner Spells
03:31 – Kennen Skills combo
04:49 – Kennen Tips
05:23 – Kennen Skins

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