Lachlan sits down with HyperX to share how he makes his million+ view YouTube thumbnails. You’ll learn how to use Fortnite’s replay mode to make your own action packed thumbnails.   

Timestamps below in case you wanted to skip around.

0:49 How to make a thumbnail in replay mode

1:28 Different kinds of shots to capture

2:20 Getting the right lighting for your shot

2:56 Photoshop

4:05 Capturing a background for your thumbnail

5:31 How to get the image into photoshop

5:56 Thumbnail gets your foot in the door

6:45 Titles

7:40 Screenshots from consoles to laptops

8:07 how to make thumbnails on YouTube when you play Fortnite on mobile

Make sure to tune into the next live stream on HyperX’s Twitch Channel.

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