I am open for commissions. Message me for your custom album artworks, illustrations or merch design! acidifytv@gmail.com

2D environment artist at High Stereo Love. If you enjoy my work, please subscribe and help support my channel!

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Poster: https://highstereolove.com/collections/artwork-posters/

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Official Lyric Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T8FuChfCoY

Sappheiros – Embrace (https://youtu.be/Prw2KXmXUA0)
Danlsan – Free With You (https://youtu.be/ed8THRArIBI)
Lil Sokz – Flora (https://youtu.be/W_9dsSiUDqQ)

League of Legends Art Inspired Tutorial Timelapse – Fantasy Art Digital Painting 2020 / Concept Art

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