저는 모든작품을 자연건조클레이를 사용합니다.
시중에 파는 다양한 클레이를 사용하고있어서 특정 클레이제품을 사용하고있지않습니다. 손에맞는 다양한 클레이를 찾아보시길바래요 :3
I use air dryi clay for all my works.
Since we use a variety of commercially available clays, we do not use specific clay products. Please find a variety of clay that suits your hand :3

Music By

Song : MUWOL – Citrus
Follow Artist : https://bit.ly/39ZgVgg​
Music promoted by DayDreamSound : https://youtu.be/3kHQ3FJ_0FA

Song : Author wind – After school
Follow Artist : http://asq.kr/zig7AnTCSFBWp
Music promoted by DayDreamSound : https://youtu.be/FQTU_TORgJU

Song : Neple – Eternity
Follow Artist : https://soundcloud.com/neplemusic
Music promoted by DayDreamSound : https://youtu.be/Ddi6JJHW1Vc

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