This is how you defend your Storm Shield the first time in Fortnite Save the World! Fortnite STW is finally fully launched, I’m completing it again! Join me in the first series of my Mastering Fortnite Save the World series where I walk through the entire Fortnite STW game in short guide video walkthroughs.

– Mastering Fortnite Save The World Playlist

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Fortnite Playlist:

In this Fortnite Save the World video, I am playing through the first Storm Shield Defense mission (SSD 1 or SSSD1 Stonewood Storm Shield Defense 1), and talking about how it is completed and what I feel is important to note or do as you start playing Fortnite STW. I try to include as many important tips and tricks about playing STW as possible, did you know that you can prevent husks from spawning if you don’t take them out?

This Fortnite video series is made for new players that want a game guide with gameplay, and veteran players that want a refresher or playing the game or a laugh at how horrible I am;)

If you want to learn how to play Fortnite Save the World, then stay tuned! I will be publishing new episodes every 12 hours (while possible) and hope to include everything new players need to learn how to play Fortnite STW.

Mastering Fortnite Save The World Episodes

Mastering Fortnite Save The World | Win Your First Mission | Ep 1 | Epic Games Fortnite STW

Mastering Fortnite Save The World | First Storm Shield Defense | Ep 2 | Epic Games Fortnite STW

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