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Disable List- $disable Western $ Nintendo $ Webcomics $ Hentai $ Warner Bros. $ IDW Publishing $ Comics $ Sports Animanga $ Mahou Shoujo $ Toys $ Bullet Hell $ Yōkai $ The Walt Disney Company $ OLM $ Production I.G $ Intelligent Systems $ Pokémon $ Books $ KONAMI $ Hakusensha $ Silver Link $ Marvel $ Azur Lane $ Xebec $ Final Fantasy $ Manga Time Kirara $ Gonzo $ Sony Interactive Entertainment $ Activision Blizzard $ Mobile Games $ The iDOLM@STER Series, disable Activision Blizzard
$Bandai Namco
$Battle Royale Games
$Browser Games
$Electronic Arts
$Epic Games
$Fighting Games
$Final Fantasy
$Indie Games
$Inti Creates
$Kantai Collection
$Koei Tecmo
$League of Legends
$Mobile Games
$Nihon Falcom
$RPG Maker Games
$Simulation Games
$Sony Interactive Entertainment
$Spike Chunsoft
$Supergiant Games
$Valve Corporation
$Voice Synthesizers
$Visual Novels
$XBox Game Studios
$Take-Two Interactive
$Point-and-click Adventure Games

webtoons/Rwby/mecha/and pokemon is disabled. if you want to roll these certain people do $antidisable(name of what you want to antidisable)

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