Attend a class LIVE with me MARCH 27th @6PM EDT. The 3HR LIVE class goes over all the basics and design principles of making a SELF STANDING balloon ARCH, as well as materials, purchase orders, and pricing – to register join my “HOBBYIST” YouTUBE Membership.
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On APRIL 1st @6PM EDT I will be having a 2HR BUSINESS SEMINAR where this month’s topic will be “Pricing Single Stuffed & Double Stuffed Garlands”. To register join my “BUSINESS” YouTUBE Membership.
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**The Business Membership includes the “HOBBYIST” 27th LIVE Balloon ARCH Class**

The best work for me is improvising on a balloon garland design 🙂

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MY EQUIPMENT for those getting into the game:
MINI GIMBAL CAMERA (This literally fit’s into the palm of anyone’s hand & my go to for event shots, it’s called the pocket OSMO:

MINI 2 DRONE (and no you don’t need a license to fly it! I fly it in the studio)
CAMERA I use the Canon EOS R

TV 65” Samsung FRAME (it’s a TV and active 3D picture frame all in one, perfect for video backlight):


Heavy Duty:
Regular Balloon Inflator:
Fishing Line:
Hand Pump:

Hey Guys! Thanks for joining me for another video 🙂
Materials used are all Qualatex brand balloons in the following colours and qtys

Double Stuff Combo:
Pastel Pink =  Pink inside + White Outside
Pastel Blue = Pale blue inside + White Outside

5” (100ct. bags)
White – 1bag
Pale blue. – 1bag
Pink – 1bag

11” (100ct. bags)
White – 1bag
Pale blue. – 1bag
Pink – 1bag

16” (50ct. bags)
White – 1bag
Pale blue. – 1bag
Pink – 1bag

36” (2ct. bags)
White – 5 bags
Pale blue. – 3bags
Pink – 3bags

100ct bags of balloons for 5”-11”
50ct bags of balloons for 16”
2ct bags of balloons for 36”

25lbs fishing line (any brand they’re all the same)
Hand pump
ZOOM 700W Inflator ($150 CAD value)
Double Sided tape
260Q for tying the Orbz & Florals

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