Hi guys…It’s me again..I’m back with the “MakeUp”.🤩🥰
Thanks so much for watching today’s video..
So, this video is inspired by my colorful wig lol..😅 While cleaning my stuff last night, i saw this lovely wig that i bought- i guess two years ago? i don’t remember now, it’s been awhile hahaha..
But anyway, I decided why not use it since it’s been in the box for couple of years now- just sitting there😅🤪
I thought it would be better if i wear it with matching Colorful MakeUp..And so i did it..⬆️

Just letting you know guys, this is my very very first time wearing wig, so I’m not sure if i put it on right..lol
Again, Thank you💖
Happy holidays..
Lots of love— Rizalyn MV 💜💜


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My name is Rizalyn MV. I’m 27 years old, I’m originally from the beautiful country- Philippines and living here in USA with my loving husband and sweet son..
I am a makeup lover..💖💜
I have a big passion for Make-Up and love inspiring other people by using my own face as my canvas..
Other than make up vlogs, I also upload Family Vlogs, cooking vlogs and so many more…
Usually i upload new video every 3 or 4 days..
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