HELLO sorry it took me a while to do that tutorial, i was busy lol and also sorry if it’s bad and if my explanation are trash it’s my first tutorial lol but hope it was helpful to uu!!! 😀
there’s isn’t any intro since i used inshot and not alight, that’s why the vid isn’t as aesthetic, and inshot was so new to me i didn’t know u could put a blank thing (or smth) so that i could make an intro but anywaysss hope u enjoyed! also sorry if my there’s any typos or grammar mistakes, English isn’t my first language

songs that i used:
1. NCT dream – 7 days (instrumental) (by aesthetic inst.)
link: https://youtu.be/M0ZH_oEAZ3w
2. NCT dream – My youth (instrumental) (by aesthetic inst.)
link: https://youtu.be/0QfRAfhMVcc

person in the vid: Mark Lee from NCT/SuperM
app used: alight motion, inshot

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