learn how to play “The Story of Us” from Taylor Swift’s Speak Now album!!

taking a short break from the red tutorials to teach y’all a highly requested song from speak now!! the story of us is a BOP & so much fun to play. i will be teaching 2 different ways of strumming, one is basic and the other is a little more challenging. taylor has played this as a surprise song on both the Red & Rep tours so i wanted to show you both ways 🙂 i’ve linked those performances down below if you want to watch them for yourself!

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click for ‘The Story of Us’ Guitar Tab/Chords: https://nenashelby.com/blog/thestoryofus

click here for the full song play along: https://www.youtube.com/NenaShelbyMusic

watch taylor play it acoustic live:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A29eXEhp7xc (red tour)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykj12R1oF2w (reputation tour)

my guitar- taylor 114e
guitar capo- https://bit.ly/2H7c95w
guitar strap- https://bit.ly/2SZiBxY
guitar tuner – https://bit.ly/3sJOutT

time stamps for your convenience:
00:00 – demo
00:41 – explanation
01:50 – chords needed
02:42 – intro (basic strumming)
03:24 – intro (down strumming)
05:30 – verses
06:24 – pre-chorus
07:48 – chorus
10:24 – instrumental
10:46 – bridge
12:15 – end chorus & outro

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song originally performed by Taylor Swift

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This Taylor Swift the story of us acoustic guitar tutorial is great for beginners! I hope this helps you learn how to play the story of us by Taylor Swift! My mission is to bring you easy Taylor Swift guitar songs for beginners!

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