In this video, I cover the new Fortnite performance mode and high resolution textures setting. This new performance mode option was released in Patch v15.10 as new option for your rendering mode. Instead of choosing between DirectX Version 11 (DX11) or DirectX Version 12 (DX12) you now have an additional option called performance mode. Performance mode makes your game look a lot different, basically giving you mobile graphics, but greatly improves your FPS. It essentially lower the load on your CPU and GPU to help make your game run better and get your better frames. On top of that, Epic added an option to uninstall high rez textures from your game to help it load faster, get you better FPS, and take up less storage space. I talk about the best settings including whether to use performance mode, the pros and cons, as well as how to disable or enabled high resolution (high rez) textures through the launcher. These are the new best settings to improve your FPS and get an FPS Boost in Chapter 2 Season 5!

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