I’m back with another tutorial 🥳

So this is just a simple edit and very easy to do riiight? (or no, lol 😆)

I finished this in a kind of rush (so sorry for the errors as usual hehe) because I’m currently having issues with my health and our classes are about to start and that’s why I have to takee a rest 🤧

Anyway hopefully this helps! If you still find it difficult, just continue to explore and practice cuz it make things better~💕

Also, I’m NOT a pro either so please be patient with me and DM me if you have any concerns 🤗

And of coursee, TYSM FOR 294 SUBSCRIBERS, luv ya’ll 😭😭💗

BGM Credits:
Somg: Daystart – SOSO / https://youtu.be/any_Ha0SdX8

Background pic is not mine ♡

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