Hey guys,
Are you guys ready…? Zombies part 2: unlocking new areas, buying weapons, setting up waves, zombie settings and everything else the undead heart desires!

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First of all I’m so sorry this video has taken so long but it’s been crazy! Anyway I’m not going to take up any more time than needed and let’s just jump STRAIGHT into it.. As soon as you guys pressed that like button! Did you do it? Good! Let’s start with a VERY short recap of what we’ve done so far, but check out part 1 if you haven’t seen it yet or you’ll be pretty lost! Also if someone can be so nice to put timestamp in the description below for each part, that’d make me very happy and I’ll pin the first comment that does so everybody can jump to the part they need!
So, I just set it up for 2 players here. But you might have expanded this to 4 or more already. Okay. So we’ve got our spawn pads here. With a mutator zone over it!
This mutator zone will start a cycle of triggers, triggering eachother. Kinda like in Minecraft 2 hoppers would do! So this triggers, triggers the other one, and that one back to the first one. And so on!
And then here we have 2 attribute triggers that check if you have at least 1 score, meaning you killed at least 1 zombie. If you do, then we’ll call both this item granter which will give you 1 gold AND this score manager that removes your score so that the next second when this cycle happens again, you don’t get gold again!
And it’s that easy! Then here we have our zombie spawners that only have fiends!
Now in between episodes I did put down a factory here. That is blocked off and has 2 doors, and 1 wooden blockage. So this would be a perfect way to start implementing new mechanics, as I can show you guys both how to use a door as an access point to the next area, or something that is blocking the way, like this wooden blockage kind of thing!

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